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Learn to Read New Testament Greek
Course text by David Alan Black (Broadman & Holman, 1994)

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Lesson 1
The Letters and Sounds of Greek

Memory Verse: 1 Thess. 5:16

Click on the verse to hear it!

Preparatory Exercise

You Already Know Greek! [pdf]


Alphabet Practices

1. Start Here:

Online Alphabet: Pronunciation and Writing


   a. The shapes of the small letters and how to write them.
   b. The names of the letters.
   c. The pronunciation of each letter.

Then move on to the Alphabet Flash Card drills below.


2. Online Greek Alphabet Flash Cards: Try These!

There are four sets of Alphabet recognition drills below.
   a. The "Regular Order" drills show letters in the regular alphabet order.
   b. The "Random Order" drills show letters out of order.
   c. The drills "with Answers" show the name of the letter after a delay.
   d. There are 3 different speeds for each drill.
      1) Slow Speed: 2 seconds between each letter.
      2) Medium Speed: 1 second between each letter.
      3) Fast Speed: 1/2 second between each letter.

Regular Order
Regular Order
with Answers
Random Order
Random Order with Answers



3. Alphabet Practice and Review

Greek Alphabet Charts [pdf] (Review of Alphabet, Diphthongs, other)

Greek Alphabet Writing Practice Sheet (with sample letters) [pdf]

Greek Letters to Note! [pdf] (Easily confused letters, differences from English)


First Greek Words

Greek Names of People [pdf] (Master the alphabet with famous poeple!)

Greek Names of Places [pdf] (Master the alphabet with famous places!)

Greek Words You Probably Know [pdf]


New Testament Greek Texts to Read

Selections from the Greek New Testament [pdf]

Listen to a few audio selections read from the Greek New Testament


Adventures with a Greek Lexicon

A Little Greek Can Go a L-O-N-G Way (Sometimes Too Long) [pdf]


Pronunciation Exercise, pg. 8

Click on a column to hear each word in that column pronounced. There is a slight pause between words so that you can practice your pronuncation.

Reading/Listening Exercise: John 1:1-5

To listen to a line at a time, click anywhere on each line below.
To listen to the entire reading without pauses, click here.