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Learn to Read New Testament Greek
Course text by David Alan Black (Broadman & Holman, 1994)

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Lesson 5
Nouns of the First Declension

Terms to Note:

  • sibilant phoneme
  • definite/indefinite article
  • preposition
  • prepositional phrase

Vocabulary Pronuncation

Click in a column to hear the words in that column.

A. Feminine Nouns - "pure alpha" type

B. Feminine Nouns - "mixed" type

C. Feminine Nouns - "pure eta" type

D. Masculine Nouns ending in eta-sigma

E. Masculine Nouns ending in alpha-sigma

F. The Definite Article

G. Prepositions with one case

Translation Exercises

Download the exercises in pdf (print only) or doc (editable) format.

Pronunciation of Exercises

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Notes to Translation Exercises

6. Note that the 3 objects are placed before the verb.

8. The "normal" word order is: Verb-Subject-Object (Black, pg. 29).
The order of this exercise is: Verb-Object-Subject.

11. This order is: Object-Verb-Subject.

12. Order is: Verb-Object-Subject.

13. This is a partial quotation from John 14:6.

14. Don't be alarmed by the length of this sentence! There's just a long object phrase of 3 components before the verb.