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Mansoor Lesson 7: Vocabulary and Exercises

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Page 44: Vocabulary
A. Masc./Fem. Adjs.
Page 44: Vocabulary
B. Nouns
good right column
bad left colum
nice, beautiful  
big, large, great Page 45: C. Prepos.
small, little right column
old (persons, beings) left column
old (things)  
young Pages 45-46: Grammar
black Phrases
white 2nd paragraph
holy 4th paragraph
  Word pairs (45-46)


Exercises (with answers in Hebrew):

Exercise A (pp. 46-47)

Exercise B (p. 47)

Exercise C (p. 48)

Exercise E (p. 48)

1. from a house 6. on the horse
2. good evening 7. with the son
3. without the book 8. a holy book
4. the little door 9. a great blessing
5. under the house 10. the great day

Note: On #2 above be sure to use the Hebrew word for "evening"
and not "night" (a common error :-)

Exercise F (p. 48)

1. with a great man 6. from an old uncle
2. to a big house 7. on the black horse
3. from the big house 8. under a little tree
4. and a beautiful day 9. without a bad name
5. without the white book 10. with the beautiful daughter


Exercise G: Rapid Reading (p. 48):

Lev 19:18 phrase: slow / fast / entire verse (fast)

Gen 27:22 phrase: slow / fast