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Mansoor Lesson 9: Listening

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Page 53, Vocabulary, Section A (read in pairs)

Pages 53-54, Vocabulary, Section B (read in pairs)

Page 54, Nouns with Adjectives

Page 55, Irregular Plural Nouns (read in pairs)

Page 57, Exercise A, Regular Forms

Page 57, Exercise A, Irregular Forms

Page 57, Exercise B

Page 58, Gen 2:4: Rapid Reading Slow / Rapid Reading Normal
NOTE: Mansoor left out the tetragrammaton YHWH in this verse!
Below is an image from BHS, pg. 3. The slow version above is as Mansoor has it; the normal version is as in BHS.


Listen to Song of Songs 2:15 and note the string of plural masculines.
Text from BHS, pg. 1328 below:

Listen to Genesis 41:20 and note the string of plural feminines.
Text from BHS, pg. 67 below: