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Cabin area where we spent our honeymoon.
Still looks almost the same after 33 years!

Lawn of where we are spending our 33rd:
Silver Bay Inn

Near top of the Rainbow Loop Trail,
looking down at Buckner Orchard.

Near top of the Rainbow Loop Trail;
camera is facing south toward Lake Chelan. Shortly before this Gary almost stepped on a young (2-1/2 foot) rattlesnake.

Shortly before reaching Rainbow Creek bridge, we met a mama bear and two cubs.
The cubs scurried up a tree.

The mama bear stayed down at the base of the tree and kept her eyes firmly fixed on us.
We stayed put and started talking loudly.

Bear cub in tree.

Bear cub in tree.

Mama bear at base of tree.
After just a few minutes the bears slowly walked away from us.

Mama bear at base of tree.
We kept our eyes peeled as we continued slowly forward on the trail,
but didn't see them again.

Rainbow Creek Bridge, above the falls.

On our way from the bridge back down to the Stehekin Road.

Rainbow Falls.
The little trail to the top pool is now closed.

Rainbow Falls.
Lower pool.

Dinner at the Stehekin Valley Ranch

Stehekin Valley Ranch Mess Hall

Cathy in the hammock after our 7 mile hike.

Side porch of our room.

Hot tub...

...and view down the lake.

Croquet on the lawn.