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Websites I Use:

Johns Hopkins CSSE Data


WHO Situation Reports

Washington State DOH

Wikipedia: 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic

Wikipedia: Influenza


I have been tracking on my own spreadsheet data for the U.S., Switzerland, Italy, Global, King-Snohomish Co.

I track daily: Date/Time of entry, Total Confirmed Cases, New Cases, Total Deaths, New Deaths, Total Recovered, Total Active Cases. These can all be found on the sites above. I just wanted to have a selection of locations and a local data sheet to compare over time.

The number of Active Cases is calculated from other data with an easy formula in Excel:

Total Active = Total Confirmed - Total Recovered - Total Deaths
(as in the Johns Hopkins CSSE site footnotes).

I built a totally unscientific forecast for the U.S., which I overlay with reported data as it comes. I will upload images periodically that show how far off my forecast model is from the real situation.

I have learned to be careful using the term "actual." What I mean by "actual" are the numbers that are "actually" reported. But for many, "actual" means the "real" numbers = reported plus unreported (which nobody knows). So I try to use the term "reported."

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Other Forecast/Modelling Links

I am not sure how long these will be available without subscriptions.

27 Mar 2020 from The Seattle Times (updated from 26 Mar)

26 Mar 2020 from FiveThirtyEight