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As you can no doubt tell from the beautiful layout, this site is created entirely by hand by someone that knows nothing (moi) and like most sites is ultimately a work in progress. I have constructed this location because I do get occasionally get requests for some of this stuff and decided that rather than answer requests individually I thought it might simplify things to just make this material generally available.

I feel that being a geek gives me some license to ignore fashion entirely, which is why there is no color, no pictures, no pretty fonts, and no attempt at beauty on this page. If there is any beauty what so ever, it will be found in the ideas contained herein.

I do welcome email comments but in the interest of preventing spiders from detecting the address let me just say that my name is gottahack and the "at" address is desigent dot com.

I am Marlin Eller, the co-author of Barbarians Led by Bill Gates, I did work at Microsoft for a long time and yes, I'm the guy that was in that German documentary. Love and kisses to all my fans. In the immortal words of JFK "Ich bin ein Berliner." 

I wrote the song that was used in the trailer of the documentary. The lyrics were from a poem by A.E.Houseman ( www.bartleby.com/123/2.html ). I have had several requests for that song so I recorded it again and put the MP3 up here. As a bonus, I also recorded an instrumental, Solitary Flight, that I wrote when I was in grad school, and put that up as well. Feel free to share these tunes or this site with anyone. I do not require payment for any of this, but I am also not too proud to mention that I have always accepted tips and donations for my music. I think one single paper bill in the smallest denomination of whatever your local currency happens to be would be just about right, but I leave that choice to you.

My snail mail address is Marlin Eller, 800 15th Ave E., Seattle, WA 98112 USA

I started the Gottahack newsletter as an attempt to get some collaborative work done on some AI projects. The news letter fell apart due to work pressure. I liked working on Gottahack and it would probably not take a lot of encouragement to get me producing more of it. So the real purpose of this site, as the title hints, is to make Gottahack more generally available. The other junk is there because frankly the only way to build a junk heap is to start piling up the junk.


March 20, 2003