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Learn to Read New Testament Greek
Course text by David Alan Black (Broadman & Holman, 1994)

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Vocabulary Cards


The pdf and doc files below are 2 pages each. Greek words are on page 1; English meanings are on page 2. The files are to be printed back-to-back and then cut along the lines. The resulting flash cards are designed for flipping end-over-end rather than turning sideways. The number at the bottom right on the English side of each card is the lesson number of the vocabulary list in which the word occurs.

For each file, follow these directions:

  1. First print page 1 only:
  • If you receive a printer message to the effect that your margins are set outside the printable area of your printer, ignore the warning and proceed with printing. The table boundaries may lie outside your printer's limits, but you will not lose any text.
  • In printing pdf files, you may need to unckeck the box by "Shrink oversized pages to paper size" as shown below. This will ensure that your cut vocabulary cards measure 1-1/2" x 3-1/2".
  1. Insert the printed page in your printer to print on the blank page and with reverse orientation. For example, if you normally insert paper into your paper tray or feeder top of page first, then reverse the direction and insert the bottom first.
  2. Then print page 2 only
  3. Cut along the lines

Vocabulary card files

Click on the format link to download the file. The doc files have the SIL Galatia font embedded, so you should be able to view and print these even if you do not have that font installed on your system. If they do not print correctly, download and install the free SIL Galatia font (click here for link).

01: Lesson 3: Part 1
02: Lesson 3: Part 2 - Lesson 4: Part 1
03: Lesson 4: Part 2
04: Lesson 4: Part 3
05: Lesson 4: Part 4 - Lesson 5: Part 1
06: Lesson 5: Part 2
07: Lesson 5: Part 3
08: Lesson 5: Part 4